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Before considering starting a ship, try this:

  1. See if there is a nearby ship you could join.

  2. Contact the Commanding Officer of your region’s Starbase to discuss connecting with regional events and volunteering to help the Starbase.


If you are thinking about starting a ship, Membership Services is here to help you.

Other notes:

  • A local unit is not limited to being just a starship.  It could be a planetary outpost, a ship yard, a research station, etc.  However, local units cannot be starbases.

  • You may leave NCC # blank if you wish Membership Services to recommend one for you, based on ship class.

  • While local units can be commissioned with only 1 member, there must be 5 members on a unit in order for the unit to qualify for annual Fleet awards.

  • The CO may receive a promotion, depending on the number of members that join the new ship.  If a future CO already has a higher rank, they keep their current rank.


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