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STARFLEET Command recognizes exemplary service with awards. They are voted on by the Admiralty Board.

A Starbase, Units, or Individuals must meet minimum requirements to be eligible for awards. (See the Articles of Federation Article VI - Ships and Installations for details.)


Awards include:

  • Large Ship of the Year

  • Medium Ship of the Year

  • Small Ship of the Year

  • Starbase of the Year

  • Senior Officer of the Year 

  • Junior Officer of the Year

  • Recruiting Unit of the Year

  • Recruiting Individual of the Year

  • Newsletter of the Year

  • Website of the Year

  • Retention Awards

On occasion, these awards may be given:

  • Paul A. Sundstrom Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Admiralty Ovation Award

  • Other awards as designated by the Admiralty Board

Award SFC.png
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