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Starfleet Command

What are the benefits of membership in Starfleet Command Quadrant One?

  • The fellowship of life-long friends who share a love of science, science fiction, and the ideals of Star Trek.

  • Participate in local unit, starbase and national events such as meetings, movie and episode screenings, entertainment, parties, dances, social events, trivia competitions, camping trips, bowling competitions, fundraisers, picnics, parades and more.

  • Make friends with other Starfleet Command members at Star Trek, science fiction and gaming conventions.

  • March with the Starfleet Command group at the annual TrekFest parade in Riverside, Iowa (future birthplace of James T. Kirk).

  • Optional: Attend the Annual Starfleet Command Quadrant One Admiralty Board Meeting.

  • Be part of a non-profit organization that is run by fans, for fans.

  • Receive the new member packet and CD by mail.

  • You might win an award from the Admiralty Board.

  • Communicate with fellow members via Facebook groups and pages, and email.

  • Opportunity for advancement within your local unit and/or at the national level.

  • Full-color duty orders mailed with every promotion.

  • Purchase stylish Starfleet Command swag to show pride in your membership, promote the club and attract other club members at conventions.

  • Give back to the community as part of an organization that supports local and national charities.

  • Fewer rules = more fun. See our founding document, the Articles of Federation

  • Starfleet Command has a fan-friendly focus

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