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The primary mission of Starfleet Academy is to educate our members so they are better prepared to serve their units, Starfleet Command, and all fandom.  We serve as a knowledge resource in many areas including (but not limited to) science, astronomy, Star Trek trivia, and Naval history.

All new Starfleet Command Quadrant One members start as enlisted recruits in their local units. (If under the age of 10, they begin as midshipmen). Once a recruit turns 16, he / she can enroll in Officer Candidate School (OCS). and start the Commanding Training Program with Phase 1 which is the Officer Candidate School exam plus their department specific exam. 

STARFLEET Academy Exam Program

Command Training Program 

Officer Candidate School also known as the OCS (Core Exam)

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To successfully graduate from Officer Candidate School.  The Candidate must take and pass 2 Exams.  The first exam is the Specific Career Path Departmental Exam (chosen when recruit enlisted.  Example is Science / Operations / Engineering / Medical / Security / Search & Rescue / Marine /  The second exam is the Officer Candidate School Graduation Exam (OCSG)  formally the OSC Core..  Both test are transmitted in the same transmission and should be completed in Ten (10) days with both being submitted.

The candidate must earn a score of at least 50% on each exam and a combined score of no less than 75%.  At this point, we will recommend a promotion to Ensign (Marine 2nd Lt).  If a candidate achieves a perfect score on both, a rank of Lieutenant junior grade (Marine 1st Lt) will be awarded.

COMMAND TRAINING PROGRAM PHASE 2 (Ship (Chapter) Ship Commander Exam

STARFLEET  Ship Commanders Exam

For a STARFLEET Officer to Qualify to be promoted to Command Officer of a Ship (Chapter) or to apply to Command a New Ship (Chapter) .   . Candidate must  pass PHASE 2 Exam-The Ship (Chapter) Command Exam .  The candidate must pass the exam with a 78%..  After sucessful completion and passing of PHASE 1 and and PHASE 2 of the Command Training Program, the Officer may apply for a Construction Contract from STARFLEET Command HQ (Headquarters, Planet Earth Sol System) to requet to start their ship's Construction Permit. To requestthe exam you must be an Officer and be officialy listed as an Officer by the Cheif of Membership Services on the STARFLEET Command Roster.  Please see below.

Command Training Program Phase 1  is a prerequisite for this exam.  This is not a required exam to be eligible for the Academic Curriculum Achievement Award .



STARFLEET Academy Departments Exams are specific exams that are required to specialize in a Career Department.  When you enter the Command Training Program and take PHASE 1 of the Program, you must decide on a Career Path within STARFLEET.   After completion of PHASE 1 Of the Command Training Program STARFLEET Personal are encourage to take all DEpartment Exams.

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On any starship, the department of Engineering was assigned to monitor and maintain the starship's functionality. 

Starfleet Security is the branch of the Federation Starfleet responsible for security aboard all Federation starships and at all Federation starbases and outposts. In addition, Starfleet Security is responsible for providing security at all Federation government facilities

The operations division was the corps of Starfleet personnel who specialized in operations management, engineering maintenance and security/military functions on starbases, starships and at Starfleet Command.

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The sciences division was the corps of officers and crewmen within Starfleet who specialized in both scientific and medical research and control functions on starbases, aboard starships, and at Starfleet Command.

Starfleet Communications, Communications, or Communication, or Communications Department, was the division of Starfleet responsible for subspace communications and internal mail service between its many vessels and starbases.

Starfleet Search & Rescue is a sub-organisation of Starfleet that combines all active branches of the service, including the Starfleet Marine Corps. The organisation is managed through a number of autonomous operations centres, usually referred to as SAR Ops.

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Starfleet Medical was a branch of Starfleet dedicated to the medical needs of its personnel and biomedical research. Based out of San Francisco on Earth, Starfleet Medical oversaw all Starfleet medical personnel and facilities.

The Starfleet Marine Corps, or simply the Starfleet Marines, are the infantry forces of the Federation's Starfleet. Unlike the rest of Starfleet's service personnel, who used a naval ranking structure, the Marines use a rank structure based on equivalents of Earth infantry-based militaries


  • 30 Day Waiting Period - All New Recruits to STARFLEET Command must wait 30 Days to Apply for STARFLEET Academy and to Request any exams. Admission to STARFLEET Academy.  If you are New to STARFLEET Command or have never taken an exam with SFA, you Must Register With the Academy to receive any exams 

  • Who Needs to Apply 1.  All New Recruits that enlisted after 2/2021 .  Anyone who has never taken an exam thru STARFLEET Acaddemy

  • STARFLEET Personel after receinving their Enlistment Official Paperwork from Membership Services (this can take 3-4 weeks)  may request any STARFLEET Exam,  but may only request one (1) exam at a time and will not be transmitted another exam until the completed exam is graded and official results are receieved from the Academy

  • To Request an Academy Exam, STARFLEET Personel MUST fill out the Command & Departmental Exam Request Form.  Request will not be accepted by Email or Chat.

  • All exams Must be Complteted and Submitted within ten (10) days of transmission of exam.

STARFLEET Academy Exam Request, Grading Procedure, Command Training Program or Departmental Exams.  M2000 Academic Database

  • STARFLEET Personal receives Link for Academy for the desired exam.​​  Link will arive within 24 to 36 hours after request to Academy

  • STARFLEET Personnel click on Link and complete the  STARFLEET Exam

  • STARFLEET Personnel will click on Submit Button at the bottom or top of Exam.

  • Exam will instantly be graded by STARFLEET Academy Database and results are immediatly availible by clicking on the Results Button either located at the Top or Bottom of the exam.

  • Academy is automatically informed of STARFLEET Personal Exam Resuts.

  • STARFLEET Personnel will also receive a preliminary exam result email from the M-2000 Academic Database. 

  • Within 5-10 days STARFLEET Personnel will receive  a Subspace Communication (Email) informing them that their test results have been certfied and added to their Official STARFLEET Academy Transcript Packet and they will also recedive by attachment their Certficate of Acomplishment.  STARFLEET Personnel's Command Officer will also receive a transmission including the same information from the Academy.

  • After Step 6 STARFLEET Personnel may REQUEST the next Exam of their choice

  • All Exams must be returned within ten (100 Day

  • If a STARFLEET Personnel attemps and FAILS the completed exam, the STARFLEET Personnel must wait thirty (30) days before re-requesting the exam FAILED .

  • All STARFLEET Personnel that FAIL and Exam will receive a alternate version of the FAILED Exam. 

  • We encorage all STARFLEET Personnel to complete each exam on there own with help from another member..

  • All exams are open book , the Best Sources to use to find answers are: Memory Alpha, Google and other Search Engines and STARFLEET Command's Articles Of The Federation (AFEDS) and STARFLEET Command's Commander Manual 

  • Exam Challenge: In a situation where a Member of  Starfleet would like to Challage a correct Answer to a test or has a Specific Issue with a Exam Question, a STARFLEET Academy Question or Answer Challenge Form must be submitted to the Academy for review.  Please allow 5-7 days for reply.


Pleasant Title

  1. Use Request Form located below

  2. Select your desired exam from Series Catagory listed on Request Form

  3. STARFLEET Personal receives Link for Academy for the desired exam.​​

  4. STARFLEET Personal click on Link and complete the  STARFLEET Exam

  5. STARFLEET Personal will click on Submit Button at the bottom or top of Exam.

  6. Exam will instantly be graded by STARFLEET Academy Database and results are immediatly availible by clicking on the Results Button either located at the Top or Bottom of the exam.

  7. Academy is automatically informed of STARFLEET Personal Exam Resuts.

  8. Within 5-7 days STARFLEET Personal will receive  a Subspace Communication (Email) informing them that their test results have been certfied and added to their Official STARFLEET Academy Transcript.  STARFLEET Personel will also receive via a Subspace Communication (Email) a certficate from the Academy stating they have PASSED or FAILED the exam

  9. After Step 6 STARFLEET Personal may REQUEST the next Exam of their choice



Instructions: You must be a current member of Starfleet Command Quadrant One to request these exams.

Please watch the episode before or while taking a Probe. These Probes are open book. You may use online searches. For these Probes, the official episode summaries are at MemoryAlpha. Most Probes have 10 questions. Pilots and 2-part episodes have 20 questions.
To request a STEP Exam you must fill out and submit the STEP Exam Request Form. You will find a section for each series.  Please select only one of the exams. You will receive a link to the exam within 24 to 48 hours from the M2000 Academy Academic DataBase.  You must complete the test and submit the exam within 10 days of the tramsiion from the Acadey

Step 1

Click on STEP Exam Request Form. Fill out information


Step 2

Find Star Trek Series. Click on Choose Button


Step 3

Select your exam by name


Step 4

Submit Form!

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Graduate School

Opening Soon

STARFLEET Academy Awards

Red Squadron  Promotion Award (Upon Achievement)
Given to New Recruit that scores 100% on both exams in Phase 1 of the Command Training Program (CTP).  This award also receives a "Bump Up" in rank to Lieutenant Junior Grade
Academy Curriculum Achievement Award (Annual) Previously Known As the Ovation Award
Given to any STARFLEET Personnel that complete all Departmental Exams including Phase 1 of the Command Training Program.  All exams must be completed within 6 Months and exams must be passed on first attempt.  Any STARFLEET Personnel who started testing prior to February 2021 will still receive the previous deadline of One (1) Year. from start of Academy Exams.  Even though the Fleet Marine Exam is not required to receive this award , it is still highly recommened.
Commandant's Academy Achievement Award (Annual)
Given to STARFLEET Personnel that take all Department Exams and score 100% on each exam icncluding with Phase 1 of the Command Training Program (CTP).  All exams must be completed with 6 Months

STARFLEET Academy Senior Staff

Academy Commandant - Admiral Rex. Wood
Academy Acting Deputy Commandant -  Commander Mark Bird

STARFLEET Academy Instructor Staff


Academy Instructor - Corporal Ed O'Connell - Search & Rescue Department

Academy Instructor - Lieutenant Commander Kathy Peck - Science Department

Academy Instructor - LT. Ryan Peck - Science Department

Academy Instructor - LTJG Homer Frizzell - 

Academy Instructor - LTJG Christien Morretta - Communications Department

Academy Instructor - LTJG. Stephen T. Reed - Engineering Department

Academy Instructor - Captain Tony Alcala -Operations Department

Academy Instructor - LTJG. Kim Koppal _Academy Exam Adminstrator

Academy Instructors are appointed by the Commandant of the Academy and are responsible for creating exams for the Academy, advisors to the Comandant and assiting Starfleet Personel that require special assitance with completion of tests.

All Questions or Comments pertaining to STARFLEET Academy should be sent to