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Welcome to the home page for the Admiralty Board of Starfleet Command. The following are placed in order of rank on the Admiralty Board. Click the Name of the person to contact them. Click the Position or Photo, and you will be taken to that persons page.  You may also click
HERE for a listing of all board emails.

#1 Fleet Commander
FADM Roy Jackson

#2 Deputy Fleet Commander
ADM Mark Williams

#3 Chief of Membership Services
ADM Kevin Johnson

#4 Chief of Financial Management
ADM Tony Scott

#5 Chief of Command Staff
ADM Tim Shell

#6 Chief of Public Affairs
ADM Gary Barclay

#7 Chief of Information Technologies
ADM Open

#8 Commandant Starfleet Academy
ADM Rick Pinsky


Chief Advisor
ADM Roseann Packer